Welcome to my blog!

Hi, My name is Gabriel!

Visit my portfolio at gabrielaronson.com!

I am a freelance animator, motion designer and art director, currently based in New York. I have a BA in Scenic Design and Puppetry from Sarah Lawrence College in New York and a Graduate Diploma in Motion Graphics from Chelsea College of Art and Design. My background in theater influences my work in many different ways, particularly my enthusiasm for critical discourse and collaborative problem solving. I bring to the table a broad range of experience, and love working with creative thinkers on exciting and challenging projects.

If you would like to find out more or discuss an upcoming project, don't hesitate to contact me at

Here you will find a collection of my work in scenic design, motion graphics, photography, and other areas.
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New Projects

I'm currently working on some projects involving illustration and miniature sets.
Here's a preview:


I was looking over my series of photos with Katie O'Sullivan, and decided to revisit some shots that didn't make it into the previous line-up.

History Channel Competition

This past month I won a finalist spot in an animation competition sponsored by Aniboom and the History Channel! I was the community pick, voted to the number one spot out of about 250 entries!

My entry is below:

I am now working on my finalist submission for the grand prize! Below is a sneak peak at some of the scenes I'm working on.

In the Creator Spotlight!

My piece Mrs. Bobbitt has been featured on Aniboom, as well as an interview with me!

Click here to read the interview and here to watch Mrs. Bobbitt on Aniboom's channel.

Theobaldgasse 7

Photos from the building in Vienna where I grew up.